Minecraft Server Hosting
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Comparing the best regular & Modded Minecraft Server Hosting

At Wombat Servers, we have provided top quality hosting for almost 10 years. So you can trust our judgement when we compare the best US Minecraft server hosting companies.

With almost 10 years of experience in the game server hosting industry, our focus is to analyse and compare hosting companies from all over the world. Our goal is to give you the information you need to help you get your Minecraft server up and running with no issues! 🙂

From the first tree you punch to the moment you bring the wither to life, we understand that you need a good server with low latency and enough RAM to let you and your friends build and explore.

In our table below you can find our list of the best Minecraft server hosting companies in the United States.
See you in the Nether. ⛏

United States Minecraft
Server Hosts for 2020

Server Hosting Company Cost (Based on 2GB Plan) Rating Available Plans Average Support Response Time View Plans
$16.00 3/5 1GB - 12GB Up to 8 Hours View Plans
$9.99 2/5 1GB - 8GB Up to 8 Hours View Plans

Premium Quality
Minecraft Server Hosting

  • Control Panel

    • All Minecraft servers include access to our premium web-based control panel. You'll be able to start, stop and restart your server from your web browser, as well as install mods and upload files.
  • Quality Hardware

    • For our recommend hosts their primary goal is to offer the best possible service to their customers. In order to achieve this, they run all Minecraft servers on the latest hardware in multiple locations worldwide.
  • Instant Setup

    • Purchasing a server, whether for the first time or not, is a really exciting process, and we understand that. As soon as you pay for your server, the details will be emailed to you - instantly!
  • Our Guarantee

    • We understand that it can be difficult to choose the best hosting provider - and thus we've done lots of research into the top hosts around the world making sure you get the best experience possible.

How It Works

Step 1 – Buy Server

Choose your server options.

Work out exactly what you need and order the right plan for you. Don't worry though, you can always change it after buying a plan, whether that be upgrading or downgrading.

Step 2 – Get Server Information

Server information sent via email.

The server host will email you the server details and how to change anything you need via cPanel. You can always manage your server through cPanel and their support team can always help.

Step 3 – Invite Your Friends!

Start playing with your friends.

Once you've joined the server and everything is working you can start inviting your friends! You can easily set a server password so only your friends can join your game.

About Minecraft Server Hosting

Best Free Minecraft Server Host

While there are a couple “free” Minecraft servers out there, they are generally offered so that you will “upgrade” when you realize that performance is terrible a couple of hours into the game. Players can become frustrated and leave for other servers, leaving your dream unplayable.

We recommend that you get a good server for only a few dollars per month and save yourself the headache in the long run.

How Does a Minecraft Server Work?

The totality of a generated Minecraft world contains billions upon billions of blocks. These are rendered as chunks (a section of the map that is 16 blocks long, 16 blocks wide, and 256 blocks high for a total of 65,536 blocks) as a player moves through the world. The amount of ram needed to render each chunk will vary depending on the world, the number of blocks and mobs in that chunk, and other active players on the server.

Minecraft Java Edition Vs Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft has two different editions of its game. While the overall gameplay is virtually the same, there are a few differences between the two. Here are some server-related differences:

  • You can’t add mods to Bedrock servers. If you need specific mods in order to run your server in the way you wish or ensure that players can claim their own plots of land, you will need to use Java.
  • Like mods, you will be unable to add custom skins to the game. Instead, you will need to purchase skins from the available options from Microsoft.
  • In order to run a Bedrock server, you will need to work through Microsoft. You can’t run Bedrock on a third-party server.
  • Java will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Bedrock will work across a number of different systems, including iOS, Android, and Xbox.

Here are some typical gameplay differences:

  • There is a different recipe to create maps on each edition of the game.
  • In Java edition, you can hold any item in your offhand, whereas you can only hold an arrow, a map, or a totem in Bedrock.
  • Redstone will work differently in each edition, so you will need to learn how to use it depending on its rules.
  • Chunk loading also works differently. Bedrock will load fewer chunks, meaning that you can’t operate multiple farms at the same time. As a payoff, Bedrock often runs a little faster than Java when played on the same computer.

There are many other minor differences throughout the game, many of which come down to user preference.

Minecraft Gameplay: Supported Game Modes

There are many mods or variations of Minecraft that can change certain elements of the gameplay. These variations cause some lagging if you don’t have enough RAM for the additions.

In vanilla Minecraft, there are three main built-in modes (five if you count adventure and spectator):

Creative Mode

Minecraft creative mode allows you to enter any generated seed and build or destroy blocks at your own leisure. While there are mobs in this mode, they aren’t aggressive even if you attack them. You can’t take damage from hunger, great falls, or standing in lava.

While in other game modes, you will need to seek out resources and the materials you need, this isn’t the case in creative mode. You have access to every block in the game as well as spawners, allowing you to create whichever scenarios you wish easily. You also have the ability to “fly” through the server, moving along the Y-axis as high or as low as you are able.

Survival Mode

Minecraft survival tends to be the standard mode for most servers. Players start with nothing and have to gather everything they need to survive, including food, shelter, and other supplies. As they progress in the game and build their wealth, they will be able to venture into the nether and to the end. With skill and good armor, players will be able to go against both the ender dragon and the wither and be rewarded for their success.

As Minecraft is a sandbox, players can choose how they play. Some choose to live as nomads and continually travel through the map in search of loot and interesting sites. Others build mob farms to gather large amounts of resources with minimal effort in the future. Creative builders will create structures and bases that are awe-inspiring for others to see.

Regardless of personal style, playing on a multiplayer server allows you to see and experience other kinds of play. Depending on the rules of the server, you may even be able to engage in PvP or griefing other bases.

There are four difficulty levels in Minecraft survival mode: Peaceful, Easy, Normal, and Hard:

  • It is fairly difficult to die in Peaceful Mode as you don’t have to deal with hunger or with aggressive mobs (they simply don’t exist in this level). You can drown, burn in lava, or fall from a great height.
  • Easy - Hard Mode: these levels all have mobs that will spawn. In Hard, you will take more damage faster than you would in Easy.

Hardcore Mode

Hardcore Mode is Survival Mode without the safety-net of being able to respawn when you die. Players who venture into this mode are generally fairly experienced Minecraft players and want to see how long they go before they are killed. In Hardcore Mode, the game ends when you die.

While some people cheat the system by finding mods to save progress “just-in-case,” this defeats the overall purpose of the mode, which is to challenge the player under high stakes. In 2019, Phil “Ph1lza” Watson’s 5-year-old Hardcore game came to an end when he was killed by a baby zmobie in a cave. It is believed that his game was likely the longest continuous Hardcore game in Minecraft.

After you die in Hardcore, you can choose to remain in Spectator Mode, which allows you to move through your world to view everything, but you don’t have the ability to touch the world in any way.

Should You Manage Your Own Minecraft Server?

Deciding to run your own Minecraft server can be the next step in your gaming adventure. There are many benefits to creating your own environment, including the following:

  • Community - most people enjoy playing Minecraft with other people. As the manager of your server, you can decide who gets to play with you. Some people will choose to play with their close friends, while others will extend their borders to others. Many live-streamers host servers for their channel, allowing their viewers to play alongside them.
  • Rules - it can be frustrating to be on a server with rules that you don’t personally enjoy. With your own Minecraft server, you can choose and create your own rules and create the overall environment that you want for the game.
  • Mods and Kits - as the owner, you get to choose which mods and kits will be allowed on the server. While you may ask your community for feedback on some of these decisions, you will be the one to ultimately decide.

Using Minecraft as a Teaching Tool

Both teachers and parents have found that Minecraft is a good teaching tool for children of all ages. Here are a few ways they can learn:

  • Elemental Basics - young children can learn the basics of the elements. They will learn that saplings grow into trees, that sand can be turned into glass, and that eggs can hatch into chickens.
  • Imagination and Creativity - often compared to a gaming form of Legos, children can use blocks to create anything, and as their redstone skill grows, they will be able to create operations that work and learn basic engineering skills.
  • Social skills - many children who struggle with face-to-face social skills can learn how to make friends and collaborate while playing on child-friendly Minecraft servers. Parents have created servers where their kids can play with their siblings, cousins, and close friends.
  • Permanence - while you may be able to re-spawn after a death in Minecraft, you might not be able to retrieve your items if you died in lava or fell into the void. While these early losses can be hard on a young child, the idea of cause and effect is something everyone needs to learn and a game is a good place to start.
  • Computer Skills - not only will Minecraft teach them simple hand-eye coordination, you can teach them the basics behind controlling a server and using commands.

How to Choose a Minecraft Hosting Plan

There are a few things you should consider when selecting a Minecraft Hosting plan. These include the following elements:

  • Easy Set-Up - if it seems far too complicated to set up and install Minecraft on a particular server, it is likely that any changes you need to make in the future will likely take just as much work and time. Find a server with clear instructions on an easy transition.
  • Control Panel - while you can live without a control panel, the user-interface makes it a lot easier for you to quickly make changes to your server on the fly without having to search for and input the correct codes.
  • RAM - generally speaking, the more RAM you have on a server, the better experience you and your friends will have on the game. Players will be able to load chunks faster and there will be less lag overall.
  • Storage - Look for an SSD (solid-state drive) for your Minecraft server. An SSD will offer a solid internal transfer rate, allowing for faster storage and boosting the overall gaming performance.
  • Processor - even if you don’t currently plan to take advantage of the full processing power of a server, you may want to upgrade your plan in the future as friends join your server, you add mods, or you explore further out on your map. Make sure that the server will be able to keep up with your future needs.
  • Latency - one of the biggest influencers of your latency will be the location of your server. Depending on where it is in relation to you and your friends, it could influence data travel speeds and the overall server speed.
  • Updates for Mods and Plugins - try to find one-click updates to make things easy on yourself. Spending an extra dollar or two for quick plugins will save you headaches over time.
  • Customer Support - you will, inevitably, have questions or concerns about your Minecraft server. Find a host that will respond to your messages and help you through problems so that you can get the server back online and running smoothly again.

Minecraft Hosting Requirements

If you want to create your own server, you should try to have the following requirements for your Minecraft server:

  • At least 4GB of RAM
  • Windows 10 desktop or server
  • Wired network connection
  • Enough bandwidth to manage the players (up to 100MB per player per hour)

You should note, however, that running your own Minecraft server can cause strain on your equipment. It is often more affordable in the long run to rent a Minecraft server that would give you similar (if not better) gameplay results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much RAM Does a Minecraft Server Need?

In most scenarios, it is recommended that you have at least 8 GB worth of RAM to play Minecraft on a multiplayer server. If you add mods or texture packs, you may need more. You may also need p to 35 GB of space on your hard drive.

What Server Host Does Hermitcraft Use?

Hermitcraft was previously hosted by Cubedhost, but they currently manage their own private dedicated server. The average cost for a decent private Minecraft server would be around $500, though the Hermitcraft crew likely pay more.

How Much RAM Does a Minecraft Realm Have?

Realms is Minecraft’s “in-built” server system that has been optimized for basic gameplay for up to 10 people from different devices. They offer servers for both the Java and the Bedrock Edition, though they are not interchangeable. As a basic server, Microsoft Realms works fine, but you can often find better servers for a similar price each month.

Is 2GB RAM Enough for Minecraft Server?

Server requirements will vary depending on what you are trying to accomplish with your Minecraft world. If you are running a server for a few friends and don’t plan to add a lot of mods or texture packs, 2GB may be sufficient for your needs. It is generally recommended that you have at least 4GB of RAM.