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We've extensively reviewed over 20 Minecraft server hosts in 2020

We have in-depth comparisons on our main page here. When looking at the main factors like cost, uptime and support, Hostinger is by far the best host that we tested.

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Find the best game server hosting available in your country!

We used to operate a large server hosting company, now we review companies worldwide.

Wombat Servers has been a widely trusted game server provider for almost a decade, specialising in game server products. Our network spanned across the globe, so you can trust us when we compare hosts all over the world.

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We originated in Australia so we have a really good grasp on the best server hosting. The advantage of going with a local Australian host is that the people using your server in Australia while have a much better experience.

The United States has the largest range of hosts that offer game server hosting. This is perfect for anyone looking to host a minecraft server as there are lots of great affordable options.

Canada have a larger range of host options which makes things a little easier. We've reviewed the most popular hosts used in Canada and we are confident you'll have an excellent experience with our top rated host.

In the UK game server hosting in very competitive, which is great news for users! There are lots of great options for you to choose from. We've summarised all the important factors and we are certain you'll be happy with our top rated host.

At Wombat Servers we provide comparisons for locations all over the world. You can find all of the areas we cover here, easily filter by your area.

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