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Unturned servers available in Australia, New Zealand, United States and Europe

All Unturned hardware is perfected to achieve the best performance and latency, with each node powered by the latest Intel technology and high-speed ports.

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  • 8 Player Slots
  • Premium Control Panel
  • Instant Setup
  • Worldwide locations
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  • 16 Player Slots
  • Premium Control Panel
  • Instant Setup
  • Worldwide locations
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  • 24 Player Slots
  • Premium Control Panel
  • Instant Setup
  • Worldwide locations
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All of our servers are well equipped to ensure that the quality and performance you expect will be delivered at all times. We do not accept anything less than perfect when it comes to performance and reliability.

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Our server network locations span the world!

North America & Canada
South America
Australia & New Zealand

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Choose your server options.

Work out exactly what you need and order the right plan for you. Don't worry though, you can always change it after buying a plan, whether that be upgrading or downgrading.

Step 2 – Get Server Information

Server information sent via email.

We'll email you the server details and how to change anything you need via cPanel. You can always manage your server through our cPanel and if you need it, our support team can help.

Step 3 – Invite Your Friends!

Start playing with your friends.

Once you've joined the server and everything is working you can start inviting your friends! You can easily set a server password so only your friends can join your game.

Premium Quality Server Hosting

  • Control Panel

    • All Unturned servers include access to our premium web-based control panel. You'll be able to start, stop and restart your server from your web browser, as well as install mods and upload files.
  • Quality Hardware

    • At Wombat, our primary goal is to offer the best possible service to our customers. In order to achieve this, we run all Unturned servers on the latest hardware in multiple locations worldwide.
  • Instant Setup

    • Purchasing a server, whether for the first time or not, is a really exciting process, and we understand that. As soon as you pay for your server, the details will be emailed to you - instantly!
  • Our Guarantee

    • We understand that it can be difficult to choose the best hosting provider - and thus we offer a 24 hour money-back guarantee, as well as a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for downtime claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly are servers setup?

Servers are deployed instantly as soon as the plan is ordered. If you don't get an email within 30 minutes contact support.

What management features are included?

Wombat Servers offers a control panel for our servers where you can view and manage your services.

What locations and datacentres do you offer?

Currently we offer datacentres in Australia & New Zealand. When signing up for a plan you can choose any of the locations we have on offer.

What support is included?

Our support team is available 24/7 no matter what issues you have. The fastest way to get help is live chat.

What hardware do you use?

We use the latest Intel technology to power our servers to make sure our customers get the best experience possible.

I need other hardware specs. Are there other options?

Our team can fulfil any hardware specs you have, simply contact our support team who will help you through the process.

Why are you better than your competitors?

At Wombat Servers we offer some of the lowest prices in Australia & New Zealand. On top of that our unbeatable support is why our customers stick with us for long periods of time.

Do you match competitor pricing?

If there is a competitor based in Australia that offers pricing lower than ours then we will happily match it, just let our support team know.

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What Is Unturned?

Unturned is a free to play survival game that was developed by Smartly Dressed Games and released for Microsoft Windows, macOS and Linux on 7 July 2017.

The game features multiple game modes including single player, arena mode, and horde mode. As a result, players can choose to play by themselves or with friends in the various game modes available.

As a zombie survival game, players need to find weapons and supplies to survive. Players can also customise their preferred difficulty setting to ensure they enjoy the game regardless of their experience level.

Player progression is also an important gameplay element in Unturned, where players will earn experience points as they progress which can be used on upgrades.

In order to survive in the world of Unturned, players have to keep an eye on their food, health and radiation levels. The game consists of several maps such as Russia, Greece, Washington etc, where the story is contained.

Evolution of Server Communities

Like other popular multiplayer games, Unturned has developed many communities over time with evolving player-bases. These communities are often formed by people who enjoy playing on a particular server and return to a specific one either to join friends who frequently play there, or because the connection quality or settings of the server are ideal.

Unturned has many sub-communities based on the various game modes available to players. Some communities have formed over deathmatch servers, while others have formed over survival game modes.

Other community servers have been formed in arena modes where players are spawned in a battle royale environment and the last player standing is crowned the winner. These various modes have helped form many sub-communities of dedicated players who participate on these servers daily.

Importance of High-Quality Server Hosting

Connection quality is an important aspect of online gaming as players can have completely different experiences depending on the connection that they play on.

Ultimately, the connection quality depends on various factors such as the player's internet connection, the distance between the player and the server, the host server connection quality etc.

Through Wombat Server’s superior hardware that utilizes the latest technology, players can enjoy low latency connections. We will give you the best gaming experience possible and ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment while playing.

When you rent our servers, you acquire your own server and can form your own gaming community this way. This means you will be able to play with other community members or friends using a high-quality connection.

After signing up you will also get instant access to a control panel which lets you start and stop your server, as well as install mods and upload files as you wish.

Additional Content in Unturned

While Unturned is a free to play game, there are various cosmetic items that players are able to purchase and unlock through the in-game store. During the course of the game, players will get the chance to either unlock items or to purchase them from the Steam Market for $0.99.

Examples of what you can buy or unlock include weapon skins, clothing items, camouflages etc. Just as you can buy, players are also able to sell their items on the Steam Market for Steam credit. This concept was designed to encourage players to continue playing in order to unlock rarer items and buy, sell and trade them in the various online communities.

Unturned is a community-driven game with various servers and sub-communities which are continuously forming and evolving across the many different game modes and maps that the game has to offer.