Best Minecraft Server Plugins

When making a Minecraft server many server hosts add plugins to change the way it plays. They offer options that allow players to do more while keeping some of their items safe. You can also set up perks and special ranks for people in your servers, to keep people continually working to level up. 

How to Add Plugins to a Minecraft Server

Adding a plugin to Minecraft server is a relatively easy task. All you need to do is complete the following:

Step 1: Find and download the plugin you wish to install. 

Step 2: Locate your server’s plugins directory and add your plugin’s .jar file to the directory.

Step 3: Run the server, let it fully load. 

Step 4: Once it has fully loaded, type “stop” in your Minecraft server console. 

Step 5: Run the server again. 

Step 6: Check to see if the plugin is working. It should be fully installed. 

How Many Minecraft Server Plugins Should You Have

Many servers run between 20-30 plugins or packs without any real issues. You should allow a little time in between plugins to make sure there are no issues on the server unless you have already tested the plugins in the past. Watch for bugs that could be related to plugins as they may be able to break your server over time. 

Popular Minecraft Server Plugins

  • Multiverse-Core - Minecraft plugin for multiple server worlds
  • World Edit - Build massive structures in a short amount of time
  • EssentialsX - Multi-functional Minecraft plugin
  • ViaVersion - Allow players from any Minecraft version
  • LuckPerms - Add Ranks to Your Minecraft Users

Multiverse-Core - Minecraft Plugin for Multiple Server Worlds

Would you like to have multiple worlds on your server? The Multiverse-Core plugin will allow you to create a new world with a simple command. Bear in mind that every world you add to your server will use up the resources on your server, such as your RAM. 

To add a new world with Multiverse-Core, run this command: /mv create <type_in_your_world_name_here>

To remove a world from your list to free up space, run this command: /mv remove <type_in_your_world_name_here>

WorldEdit - Build Massive Structures in a Short Amount of Time

With WorldEdit, you can select an area of blocks and automatically change to a specific type of block. You can also place large amounts of blocks in various shapes from a distance to various places in the world. Want to clear out an area so that you can build from nothing? This plugin will remove mountains, while still letting the world look natural. 

Whether you want to have a creative world or you want to build specific areas on your server for player use, this plugin allows you to create structures very quickly with very little work, and if you make a mistake, you can always restore a specific area from a backup. 

Essentials X - Multi-functional Minecraft Plugin

The purpose of the Essentials X plugin is to add useful commands to your server that manage people, allow kits, let people warp and manage the economy. The plugin comes with several add-ons that add even more perks to your overall Minecraft gaming experience. These add-ons include:

  • EssentialsX Spawn - you can choose a specific place in the server where people will spawn when they join the Minecraft game or die without a bed. This makes it easy to move the spawn point to your desired location instead of the default seed location. 
  • EssentialsX Chat - to make it easy for people to know who is chatting, you can customize the chat format colors and prefixes. For example, you can add a MOD prefix to people who are helping you moderate or change the color of names who were founding members of your server. 
  • EssentialsX Protect - this addon will allow you to choose what destructive elements are allowed in the world. You can make sure that TNT or lava cannot be used in certain areas, control how fire spreads, and turn off certain mods. This will ensure that people will not be able to grief safety points in the world. 

Best EssentialX Features

Some of the features that EssentialX has to offer are the following:

    • Warps - warps will allow your players to warp to specific places around the server. Common places include spawn point and to the player’s home location. Players can also set their own warp spot. You can set many warp places around the world to allow people to quickly jump from place to place. Many servers with mini-games will incorporate this feature. 
    • Player nicknames - occasionally, a player will prefer to go by a nickname on the server that is different than their normal Minecraft name. EssentialX will allow you to change it. 
    • Kits - EssentialsX is the best plugin for kits. In fact, many other plugins incorporate EssentialsX for its capabilities. Server kits are great perks for your users, especially in the beginning when they are first starting out and can benefit from a set of stone tools and some bread. 
  • Claims - the ability to allow users to claim a plot of land is truly a game-changer on any server. Allowing your players to have a little land that nobody can touch will give them peace of mind as they venture out to build their base within your empire. 

ViaVersion - Allow Players From Any Minecraft Version

The ViaVersion plugin allows people to join your server from any Minecraft version. It requires no configuration. This allows people with newer versions to join older servers. While the reverse is also true, there are some bugs that can cause server issues. Only use this plugin if you have an advanced understanding of how plugins work and are willing to troubleshoot potential problems. 

LuckPerms - Add Ranks to your Minecraft Users

Using EssentialsX alongside LuckPerms allows you to create different ranks on your Minecraft server. Each rank can be given access to specific abilities or given perks (such as access to specific kits). LuckPerms has an easy-to-use interface and opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to creating a hierarchy in your world. You can even edit the titles to correspond to your server’s community culture. 


Minecraft plugins can add new options to your server, allowing you to do more and create special scenarios that will continually bring players back. Make sure to fully train your moderators on how to use them.