How to Set Up Minecraft Server Kits

Many Minecraft players enter a server and immediately search for kits. Kits are most often used to give players a boost through their first few days on the server. They can also be used as a bonus incentive or for special events. 

This article will cover the best plugin for Minecraft kits, how to set it up, and give you some ideas on the types of kits you should set up on your Minecraft server

Best Plugin for Minecraft Kits

EssentialsX is arguably the best plugin for Minecraft Kits. It also allows players to warp to specific locations on the server, customize chat and nicknames, and creates an economic system. Mods are given the ability to temporarily ban people, jail characters, or mute toxic people in chat. 

With EssentialsX, you will be able to create several kits and limit whom can access them and how often. This gives you control over several aspects of your server, allowing you to create unique challenges for those who play on your server. 

How to Set up Minecraft Server Kits with EssentialsX

After you have added the EssentialsX Plugin to your server, you will need to complete the following steps to set up kits:

Step 1: Open the file manager on your server.

Step 2: Find and open the plugins folder. Select the “Essentials” file. 

Step 3: Click to open the “Config.yml” file. 

Step 4: Use CTRL-F to search for “Kits” within the file. 

Step 5: Find the default kits within the file to edit or delete them. 

Each kit within the file will look like the following:

The top line is the name of the kit and is what will be typed in when users want to access the kit in-game. The delay counter is how many seconds must pass before a player can access the kit again. Once you have determined both of those, you will be able to set up items for each kit under the items section. 

Each item has its own Minecraft ID number, followed by the number of items of that type you want to give per kit. You can also set enchantments to an item by typing in each enchantment followed by a colon, then the level of the enchantment (1-5 depending on what you are using). If you want to name the item, you can add “name:(the name you choose)” to the same line. The lore is a description of the item. 

Best Minecraft Server Kits

Many Minecraft players want access to kits when playing on a server, even if it is a basic one to help them get started on the right foot. Here are some ideas on the types of kits you can set up to keep your users happy:

Starter Kit

Having a starter kit allows players to instantly get into action without having to punch trees for a few minutes. These kits typically contain a set of stone tools and a couple of other items to help new players get through the first couple of Minecraft days. Here are a few other common items typically included in starter kits:

  • Bread, apples, or cooked fish - while this food is simple enough, giving your players a little sustenance gives them time to focus on finding or creating shelter before the sun goes down.
  • Bed - if your server is already populated and there are very few available resources near spawn, you may want to provide a bed to new players so that they can sleep. 
  • Emeralds - While you shouldn’t give your players too many emeralds (unless there is a long cooldown), if your spawn is near a village, your players will be able to trade for other essentials they may need. 

Claims Kit

If you have activated claims on your server, you can create a claims kit containing a golden shovel to allow your players to create and maintain their land without the hassle of finding and using gold. 

Supporter Kits

Setting up special kits for those who support your server or your brand is a good way to show your appreciation. Many people use Patreon to create smaller subscriptions to help offset the cost of the server. Have a special kit available to those who financially help as an incentive. 

The items in this kit are likely to vary depending on your community. Try to create items that have a special meaning or are related to inside jokes in addition to valuable items such as potions, resources, or enchanted iron armor. 

Limit the number of times people can summon this kit to once every 1-2 days to keep things relatively fair and fun for all users. 

Challenge Kits

If you set up build or PVP challenges on your server, you can set up special kits full of the items you want to use in the challenge. For example, if you want people to build structures out of sand and string, you would fill the kits with those items. 

You can also create PvP kits for special arena events. Fill each kit with weapons, armor, and potions that will start everyone off on an equal playing field. If you want to make sure that people don’t take the items with them, you can clear their inventory before and after each event. 


Kits are a way that you can create special content on your Minecraft server. Regardless of the number you use or their purposes, your users will be happy to have special items at their fingertips.