How to Increase FPS in Minecraft

Are you experiencing lag on Minecraft? Do mods or moving objects never seem to be where they show up on the screen? You may be experiencing low FPS on your game. Increasing your FPS will create smoother gameplay, allowing you to get back to the fun you imagined when downloading the game. This post will cover various things you can do to increase the FPS on your Minecraft server. 

What is FPS?

FPS stands for “Frames Per Second.” A higher FPS will show allow for smoother graphics when you play your game. A low FPS will make things look choppy, create lag, and cause other visual problems to the game that could result in frustration while attacking or building. 

Most gamers agree that 30 FPS is the minimum you should have if playing a single-player game. When playing on servers or in multiplayer games, try to aim for at least 60 FPS. Many competitive gamers will use 120 FPS or higher to give them an edge over their opponents. 

Why You Need to Increase your Minecraft FPS

If you have an FPS lower than 30, you may experience lag which will cause problems overall. When fighting zombies at night, a low FPS could result in your death as you won’t know exactly where the zombie is during the battle. Lava will seem to move at random, and you could have trouble placing blocks. In order to play the game without these issues, you will need to increase your FPS.

How to Increase your Minecraft FPS

There are several possible causes of your low FPS. To monitor your FPS, look for a plug-in or extension designed to check your FPS. You can often find these on Steam. You can also use the debug menu by pressing F3 while in the game. This way you can monitor how your FPS changes as you make adjustments on your game. 

Here are elements that may increase your FPS on Minecraft:

  • Use the built-in debug menu
  • Use a server
  • Make sure that your graphics card and drivers are up to date
  • Alter your game settings
  • Install a mod or plugin

Use the Minecraft Debug Menu

 All you need to do to use the built-in debug menu on Minecraft is to press F3. This will bring up everything about your game including your location. 

If your chunk numbers are high, this could result in low FPS as you are fairly far from the spawn point. You will also be able to see your current FPS information in the top-left hand side of the menu. 

Use a Minecraft Server

Using a server that has been optimized to combat lag and provide good FPS could take some of the strain off of your computer. Even good computers can experience low FPS when trying to run multiple functions simultaneously. Moving your world to a hosted server will take some of the work off of your hardware, allowing you to play without pushing the limits of your graphics card. 

A good server allows you to play with you and your friends without experiencing lag or latency issues. To learn more, check out our list of the best Minecraft servers that will get your game back on track. 

Update Your Graphics Card and Drivers

If your graphics cards or drivers are older or don’t meet the specs needed for Minecraft, they could cause low FPS. Before purchasing a new graphics card, find your current model number to see if there are any new drivers you can install to update it. 

While most will automatically update, some may need to be manually installed by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Updating your drivers or upgrading your graphics card could increase your FPS in your game. 

Alter Your Minecraft Game Settings 

Changing your video settings can also be an easy way to increase your FPS. From the Options menu, open the video settings and use the minimum graphics to make it easier for your game to update second by second. This could result in smoother gameplay until another solution is reached. 

Turn off unnecessary graphics such as smooth lighting, clouds, entity shadows, and fancy leaves. You can also lower your anti-aliasing, render distance, and particle render distance to increase the speed of your FPS. Increase your framerate to 60 and your graphics to fast. 

Install Minecraft Mods to Help FPS

There are two mods that were designed to increase your Minecraft performance. Try each to determine which one is best for you:

  • BetterFPS Mod - contains options that turn off elements of the game that would slow down your performance. It also will preallocate your memory and speed up other elements of the game. 
  • OptiFine HD FPS Boost Mod - this mod supports HD textures and allows you to customize several settings that create a smoother experience overall. 


Increasing your FPS will make your game more playable and less frustrating. While it may take a little while to figure out the solution, lag-free Minecraft is always worth it.