This guide will help you to log in as the admin of your Conan Exile server.

1. Connect to your Conan Exiles server and create your character.
2. Once you have finished creating your character, press Escape and go to Settings.
3. In the Settings menu on the right hand side, go to Server Settings.
4. Click the "Make Admin" button. It will prompt you to enter the admin password for your server.


5. To find this, go to the GamePanel and click on Configuration Files.

6. Navigate to the ServerSettings.ini file and click on Text Editor.
7. Look for AdminPassword=abcde and take note of the password.
8. Log in as admin using the password taken from the previous step.
9. You can access the admin menu by hitting Ctrl + Shift + C or alternatively you can access it from
the Escape menu.



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