It is sometimes necessary to generate a new admin token for your TS3 server- especially if you start using
a new computer or operating system. Thankfully, generating a new admin token is simple through the
Wombat Servers control panel.

1. Login to the GamePanel and click on the Voice Services icon.


2. Then, navigate to the TS3 Browser.


3. Choose Tokens from the sidebar menu, then select New Token.


4. Leave the dropdown menus as-is, and enter an arbitrary description for the new token. Click Save.


5. Refresh your browser. This is essential so that you can copy the entirety of the new key. Then
navigate back to the Tokens page.
6. Click on the Token that you created to reveal the full token. Copy the token.


7. In your TS3 client, go to the Permissions menu in the toolbar then select Use Privilege Key. Paste
the key copied from step 6 into the textbox.

If you have any issues following these instructions, don't hesitate to contact our support team.



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