FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a simple way of uploading and downloading files from your server directly
to your computer, without the use of our browser File Manager. It is generally fast, and works well for large
numbers of files or transferring folders of files at a time.

Installing a FTP Client

To access FTP, you need to install a piece of software, known as a Client, on your computer .We
recommend FileZilla, an open source project that is reliable and compatible with our servers.

Download the FileZilla Client (not Server) from

Connecting using FileZilla

Once FileZilla has been installed, you will see a bar at the top of your screen with a number of boxes.
Enter the following information:
  • HOST - the FTP IP found in your GamePanel account (see below).
  • USERNAME - your GamePanel username.
  • PASSWORD - your GamePanel password.
  • PORT - always 8821.
This can be graphically explained as:


Once connected, click Quickconnect. You will see your server's files in the right-hand pane of the software.

Finding your FTP IP

You can find your FTP IP in the block of information listed on your server's homepage:




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