This article will discuss where you can change your server's MOTD (Message of the Day) and how to use
color codes for your message.

1. Login to your Game Panel.
2. Stop your server before you proceed.
3. Click on Configuration Files.

5. Look for file and click on Text Editor to edit.


6. Look for the property "motd=" and type your message after the equal sign.
7. You can also format your message by using color codes. For more details about using color codes,
you can check this article: Formatting Codes
8. Make sure to click on Save.
9. Restart your server for the changes to take effect.
You can also use this great tool to generate your MOTD. Just type the message and format using the
available tools. Once done, click create and copy/paste after "motd="

Message of the Day Generator

For Example:

motd=\u00a76Welcome to Wombat Servers!\u00a7r\n\u00a7bYour number 1 game server provider

Above MOTD will look like this:




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