All Minecraft servers include a free, easy but limited way to back up your world files. The "Backup World
Files" tool has the following limitations:

1. No more than 5 backups at a time. If a 6th one is added, the 1st will be deleted.
2. Backups cannot exceed a cumulative total of 1GB in size.
3. Wombat Servers does not take responsibility for the accuracy or integrity of backups made using
this tool.

Backing up your world

1. Navigate to the Game Panel, and click on your Minecraft Server.
2. Click on the backup icon as shown here:


3. Confirm you agree with the information shown, and then tick the box and click on the "Execute"
4. Your server will shut down momentarily as the world files are backed up.
5. The backup files will then be then compressed and stored in a folder called "backup" in your
Minecraft server files.

Automatic Backups

For automated backups, monthly automated backups are offered for a small price. Contact our support
team by submitting a ticket for more details on this offer.



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