Installing Game Modes

1. Login to the GamePanel, and navigate to your server's management page.
2. Click the Mod Manager icon.


3. Check to see if the gamemode you require is already setup.
4. If it is, simply select Install next to the game mode's listing. If you do not see the game mode you
require listed, please contact us for further assistance.


5. Wait for the installation to complete.

Switching Game Modes

You can simply switch your server to the gamemode by executing the command 'gamemode %name%'
through the web console.
For instance, 'gamemode murder', 'gamemode darkrp', 'gamemode prop_hunt'. Enter all commands
without quotes.

Setting a Default Game Mode

Setting a default game mode is simple by using the Commandline Manager.
1. Login to the GamePanel, and navigate to your server's management page.
2. Select Commandline Manager.


3. Select the Custom Commandlines tab.


4. Click New in the toolbar. If you already have a custom command setup, click Edit next to the entry.


5. Complete the form, making sure you enter a unique name. Tick the box nect to the server.cfg option,
as well as the game mode option. Enter the name of your game mode - eg 'murder', 'prop_hunt',


6. Click Save.
7. Click Select next to the new commandline you created. It should now say Selected in bold.


8. Return to your server's management page and restart the service. Your default map has now been



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