If you have customised your server with your own coding or addons, you will occasionally encounter a
message reading 'Too many LUA errors' when joining your server.

First, you should visit the GamePanel's web console. Keep the window open in your browser, and join the
server. Check the web console again, and you should now see further info that you can use the
troubleshoot the exact error. For addons you have downloaded, you should contact the developer for

Ignoring the error

You can configure your server to ignore all LUA errors.
Note: this does NOT fix the actual error, it simply stops the warning from showing when players join the

1. Login to the GamePanel and navigate to your server's management page.
2. Click the Configuration Files icon.


3. Click Text Editor next to the server.cfg file.
4. Add the following line to the file, and click save.

sv_kickerrornum 0

5. Return to your server's management page and restart the service.



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