Installing mods onto your ARK server can be rather complex, although our control panel aims to simplify
this process.

There are two stages to installing a mod onto your ARK server; installing the mod and activating the mod.

Uploading mod files

UPDATE: it is no longer necessary to manually upload mod files from your computer. If you prefer, you
can use ARKRemote. However, you will need still need to activate your mod in the Commandline Manager
per Section 2 of this guide.

1. Open Steam, and navigate to the ARK Workshop. Find the mod you'd like to use on your server.
2. Subscribe to the mod by clicking the green "Subscribe" button. Allow time for the files to download to
your computer.


3. While on the mod's page, right click anywhere and select "Copy page URL"


4. Paste this URL into a text editor and make note of the Mod ID. For example:
5. On your computer, navigate to the following directory:
6. Locate both the folder and the .mod file which correspond to the Mod ID noted earlier.
7. Now, connect to your ARK server via FTP. A guide can be found here.
8. Navigate into the folder identified by your server's IP address, and then to ShooterGame/Content/.
9. If it does not already exist, create a folder named 'Mods' and navigate into the directory.
10. Drag the mod folder (identified by the ID number) into the 'Mods' directory on the server. Then, drag
across the mod's .mod file.
11. When finished, your server's folder structure should look like:
/serverip_port/ShooterGame/Content/Mods/534838287/ - mod folder
/serverip_port/ShooterGame/Content/Mods/534838287.mod - mod file

Activating mods through the GamePanel

1. Login to the GamePanel and navigate to your ARK server's homepage. Select the 'Commandline
Manager' icon.
2. If you do not already have one, create a new custom commandline by clicking the 'Custom' icon.
3. Enter an arbitrary description for the new command.
4. Select the checkbox next to the 'Admin/RCON password' field and enter your desired administrator
password for the server.
5. Next, select the checkbox next to the 'GameModIDs' field and paste the Mod ID retrieved earlier. If
your mods are stackable, multiple mod IDs can be separated by a comma. Note: The Mod ID field
has been depreciated by the developers and should not be used. Use the 'GameModIDs'
parameter instead.


6. Save the new command by clicking the 'Save' button. You will be returned to the Commandline
Manager, which shows a table of your saved commands.
7. In the table, click 'Edit/select' next to your new command to activate it.T his is essential, otherwise
the settings will not be applied. Once a command is activated, it will be displayed in bold and will
say "selected'.
8. The server will then restart with the mod applied.

Common issues

Common issues include:
  • Not selecting the commandline as per Step 7 above.
  • Using the depreciated 'Mod ID' field rather than the 'GameModIDs' field.
  • Attempting to use a mod which has not been updated to support the latest version of ARK.
  • Attempting to stack (use multiple) mods which do not support multi-mod installations.
Unfortunately the support we can offer for third party mods and other software is limited. If you have
issues with particular mods, you are best to contact the mod's developer as they will be in the best
position to assist with the software that they publish.



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