ARKRemote is a great tool which allows you to manage your server's configuration files through a
desktop-based GUI, as well as install mods directly onto your server without having to upload the files

Wombat Servers now supports ARKRemote by default on new servers from the 10th of June 2016. For
orders prior to this date, ARKRemote must be manually activated by our team - please email with your GamePanel username for more details.

Preparing the server
1. Login to the GamePanel and navigate to your server's homepage.
2. Click on the Mod Manager icon.
NOTE: if you signed up prior to 10 June 2016, please contact our support team as described
above before proceeding to Step 3.


3. Under "Administrative tools", click Install next to ARKRemote.
4. Once the installation process is complete, exit the Mod Manager and return to your server's home
5. Click the "Start ARKRemote" icon.


6. When prompted, select OK to execute the script.


7. In the next window, make a note of the connection details - your IP address, port & password.


Connecting via ARKLauncher
1. Download the latest version of the ARKLauncher from the developer's website.
2. Extract the file and launch ARKServerLauncher.exe.
3. In the setup window, select "Remote" using the toggle. The "local" option will not work.
4. Enter the details from step 7 into ARKLauncher, and click Next.


5. After SteaCMD installs, you will see the main management screen. Click CONNECT in the bottom
right corner to initiate a connection to the server.
6. If successful, a "Load remote settings" pane will appear. Click the blue "load from server" button to
import your settings.

Using ARKLauncher
Config management
From ARKLauncher you can configure your server's settings. Core settings are displayed on the Server
tab, while gameplay settings are found on the "Rules & Gameplay" tab.
After making changes, click the "WRITE TO SERVER" button in the bottom right corner to save the files to
your server.
Please note that the following cannot be changed using ARKLauncher:
Your server's IP address
Your server's port(s)
Your commandlines
Your slot limit

Installing mods
Navigate to the Mods tab to search and install mods. Note that this page often takes some time to load -
this is normal.
1. Select a mod you would like to install and click "ADD".


2. Then select the mod from the lefthand pane.
3. Click Install/Update to download the files directly to your server.


4. The mod will then be downloaded to the server. You can monitor progress in the bottom pane.
5. Once complete, follow this guide to configure your commandline.

Common issues
It says my control port is 0.

This means that a port has not been allocated to your server. This can occur if you purchased your server
prior to 10 June 2016. Please contact to have one assigned.



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