Installing mods on your ARK server has never been this easy. Workshop Mod Downloader lets you
download mods straight to your game server. Follow the steps below to download your mods.

1. Make sure you have the mod from the Steam Workshop ready. For
2. Take note of Mod ID. For the example above: 719928795
3. Login to the GamePanel.
4. Click on Workshop Mod Downloader.

5. Copy and paste the Mod ID, then click Execute.


6. Once done, you should receive "The script has executed successfully. You may close this window.”
Please review the output during the process to make sure there are no errors or timeouts.


7. You should also check \ShooterGame\Content\Mods\ in the File Manager to make sure your mod
files are present. The folder should have a name that matches the mod ID.
8. To activate the mod, go to Commandline Manager and create a new command.


9. Check the box labelled GameModIDs, and enter your mod ID. Multiple mod IDs can be added by
editing the same command, typing in the Mod ID separated with a comma. Be sure not to include
any spaces.
10. Click Save.
11. Click on Select to activate command. It should appear in bold text once successfully activated.


12. Restart the server and allow 15-20 minutes for it to appear in-game.



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