Creating an Auto Responder

An Auto Responder is an automated email message that you can set to respond to all emails sent to an email account. The most common use for this is the 'Out of Office' message to inform people that you are away and their message will be answered on your return.

To create an Auto Responder, first you need to login to your cPanel account and then follow this guide.

1. Click on the 'Auto Responders' icon, which can be found in the Mail section of your cPanel home screen.

2. Click the 'Add Autoresponder' button.

3. Choose a character set, if required, from the drop down box.

4. In the 'Interval (hours)' text box, specify the interval for the auto responder to wait between responses to mail from the same email address.

5. In the 'Email' text box enter the address for which you need to create the auto responder.

Note: If you have multiple domains listed, please ensure you pick the correct domain from the drop down box.

6. In the 'From' text box, enter your details as you want them to appear in the From field of your response.

7. In the 'Subject' text box, enter the subject for the response or enter 'Re: %subject%' to automatically add the subject of the senders message.

8. Click the 'HTML Message' checkbox, if the message contains HTML tags.

9. In the 'Body' field, type the text of the response.

10. Click the 'Create/Modify' button to create and save your new auto responder.

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