Password Protecting A Directory

Password protecting a directory will require users to enter a username and password to access a folder within your website.

To password protect a directory, first you need to login to your cPanel account and then follow this guide.

1. Click on the 'Password Protect Directories' icon, which can be found in the Security section of your cPanel home screen.

2. In the pop up box. select 'Document Root for' and choose the domain which holds the directory you wish to protect and then click 'Go'.

Note: It is important to note that if you password protect your webroot (the www directory) this will lead to the inability of your website to be displayed correctly.

3. Select the folder you wish to protect by clicking on its name.

4. Click the 'Password protect this directory' checkbox.

5. In the 'Name the protected directory' text box, enter the new name for the directory.

6. Click the 'Save' button to protect the directory.

Note: It is necessary to create at least one user and a password to access the directory.

7. Click the 'Go Back' link.

8. In the 'Username' text box, enter the name of the user.

9. In the 'Password' text box, enter a password for the user.

10. In the 'Password (Again)' text box, re-enter the password.

11. Then click the 'Add/modify authorized user' button to create and save the users details.

Note: You will need to repeat steps 8 to 11 for each additional user whom you wish to grant access to the password protected directory.

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