Here's a helpful cheat sheet of common in-game admin commands.

MakeMeAdminAdminPasswordGrants you admin privileges
MakeMeNormalNoneRemoves your admin privilege
GodNoneToggles god mode
InvisibilityNoneMakes your character model invisible
CloakNoneToggles enemy detection – NPC’s will ignore you even if you attack them
FlyNoneAllows you to fly
GhostNoneEnables no collision mode (ie NoClip) – Similar to fly but you are able to pass through solid objects (including the world)
WalkNoneReturn to walking mode from Fly or Ghost mode
NoSprintCostNoneToggles unlimited sprint mode – No stamina drain while sprinting (Note:This is not unlimited stamina)
SpawnItemItemID QuantitySpawns the specified item in the specified quantity.
TeleportNoneTeleport to the surface you’re currently looking at
TeleportPlayerX Y ZTeleport yourself to the specified co-ordinates (You can ask a player to get their co-ordinates by having them use the key shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Alt+L)
SummonPlayerSteam or Character name
Teleport a player to your location
ViewPlayerPlayer NameSpectate a player of your choosing
ViewSelfNoneExit spectate mode
PrintPlayerInfoPlayer Name Or ID
Reveals a specific players Steam name & in-game character name
ToggleDebugHUDNoneToggles the debug HUD which shows your coordinates, ping and server FPS.



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